Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Larry Holmes Gym Easton PA

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Anonymous said...

After watching the ESPN shecial about Larry's match with Alie.I would like to say Larry and his wife seem to be the most down to earth people I have ever seen in professional sports. What I saw of Larry back in the 80's was a young man using his talents going about his business and he is to be commended for that. Larry I think you are a credit to everything you are associated with. I am sorry that you didn't get more recoginition back then.

Anonymous said...

I live in easton pa and I run into larry holmes rather frequently which makes me agree the ok he is down to earth however why doesnt he do anythng for the youth? Ok he had a boxing club at the bottom of south side hill but it's closed he had a dinner at his house open to the public but u had to pay fifty dollars to attend and the proceeds of the dinner went to a fund to build a statue of who? Mr.holmes himself that's to be placed outside his riverfront bar I've went to school with many of his family members that I don't think he even knows exist so just because larry may seem to be a down to earth guy please tell me what he has done to enrich the local society he was brought up in not as a famous wealthy man but a poor youth with nothin well I guess that's it everyone youngin should have to should have to fight like his struggle to the top without positive influence

Ken Hissner said...

I wrote "Two Wins That Haunt Holmes" about how Tim Witherspoon and Carl Williams kicked his ass and got robbed. Per Witherspoon Holmes people kicked in the hotel door of his grandmother and daughter scaring them badly. Then Tim and his brother showed up and Tim challenged Holmes right there and Holmes backed down. Ask Holmes about his bucket carrier RD and why he left Easton. I did a story on "7 Most Arrogant Boxers of All Time" and Larry was No. 1. Michael Spinks defeated him and Holmes racist remark was "Marciano couldn't wear my jockstrap". 25 years later his "apology" was "Marciano couldn't walk down the same sidewalk I do". He's right. Marciano would be on the sidewalk and Holmes in the gutter. That football "jab" of Holmes would have been broken at the elbow by a Marciano uppercut. I can still see Holmes feet up in the air when Tyson crushed him. He tried charging for signed pictures at his induction to the IBHOF and they told him he couldn't do that so he up and left. Holmes was a champion In the ring but not out of the ring. They had to create the IBF for him because Witherspoon and Williams wanted rematches. Defeating Marvis Frazier who had 10 fights when Holmes had 17 title defenses and afterwards remarked "that's for all the whupping's your daddy (Smokin Joe) gave me in the gym. When the PA HOF left word for him to be inducted they never got a call back. He told ring announcers introduce me as "heavyweight champion to hold the title the longest and with the most defenses". I think he took too many punches to the head thinking he was "Joe Louis"!